• Annealing, Normalizing, Stress Relieve

Car Bottom furnace capable of temperatures up to 1850 degrees. Fahrenheit.
Size: 6' Wide x 10" Long x 5" High​​

  • Brazing

Area Electric Continuous Belt Brazing Furnace

  • ​Carburizing

Surface-Combustion integral quench units monitored and controlled by Surface Combustion CaseMates.
Size: 36" x 48" x 30"
Bright tempering capabilities available​


  • Cleaning Facilities

Sandblasting Cabinets
Glass Bead Cabinets
Steel Shot Cleaning

  • Inductions

One of the most modern and versatile in the East offering units from 3 KW to 200 KW. Equipped with scanners and automated gear hardening accessories for spin hardening.

  • Nitriding

Pit Type Nitrider for Floe and Standard Gas Nitriding.
Size: 30" x 5' high

  • Neutral Hardening & Austempering

Upton Salt Bath Unit
Size: 30" x 30" x 48" deep

  • Vacuum

Surface-Combustion vacuum furnace.
Size 24" x 36" x 18"
Bright tempering capabilities available


Elmira Heat Treating, Inc.