Elmira Heat Treating, Inc.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control laboratory is one of the most complete and modern in the industry and is complete with the following.

  • Newage Indentron hardness testers- This tester is the most modern tester on the market today. With this we are able to furnish printouts of hardness readings, x-bar charts, graphs, histograms, as well as calculating Standard Deviation and many other statistical equations.
  • Newage MT-90 Production Micro-hardness tester - This is a 1000 gram micro-hardness tester that has all of the printout capabilities of the Indentron hardness tester as well as performing and printing profiles of parts being tested.
  • Antonik Knoop micro-hardness tester - This is a very diverse tester with load capabilities from 10 to 1000 grams.
  • Brinell Tester capable of loads up to 3000 kilograms

All of our hardness testers are inspected daily and certified by factory personnel every four months to assure your parts are within your specifications when you receive them.

On top of hardness testing equipment our Q.C. Laboratory is also equipped with microscopic evaluation equipment with photographic attachments, A magnaflux, several pieces of equipment for checking dimensions and a Leco carbon determinator. All of our furnaces are run with shim stock and checked daily to assure a correct carbon level is being maintained.

We are also certified and inspected periodically by Ford Motor Company, Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed, Parker Hannifin, McDonnell Douglas, General Signal to name a few. Our operations also conform to the latest revisions of AMS-H-6875, AMS-H-6090 AND AMS-2750E, as well as AMS-2759. We are also currently working towards ISO 9001-2015 and plan on having that accreditation early in 2016.